Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 31 December 2010

The ascender

She spins and spins like a child - letting a kaleidoscope of ideas impress themselves on her psyche - flung wide open.

The conspiracies of the counterculture warp and weave their idiosyncratic patterns on her perception - now I can see aliens, fairies, angels.

'The Illuminati' are in the background - baddies to battle against. The fight is ignited - like a lit joint - and the heat burns her lips.

Rainbow hippies welcome her into their realm and they chant 'Om' into the night.

Everything is very, very, very beautiful - her eyes are enchanted - a wide-eyed sleep.

God provides - according to her wishes - like the loaves and fishes - desires multiply.

Her intention is pure and simple - and nothing will stand in her way.

Higher and higher, higher and higher - the carousel wheel has broken with its motor and spins off into the sky.

'You need to come down' says everyone but she's too in love with the stars.

One day, I will be enlightened, she says - even if I'm burnt up in the furnace of the sun.

And on she spins into the embrace of nature whose shining lights keep her entertained.

The ascender wonders if there is a ceiling to it all.....and infinity's laughter ricochets around its endless pathways.

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