Shining threads

Shining threads

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Betwixt two trees

We live by the tree of life and are offered fruits from the tree of knowledge.

Each morning we awake in the Garden of Eden and by our thoughts and words and actions, stay in that blessed realm or deviate into the world of false ideas, tyrannical powers and deceitful promises - adverts that sell us our own being, for hard cash, but only if we step into their shop-floor, thereby forgetting who we are, and then we join the tread-mill of keeping up payments to obtain what we already had in abundance.

We fallen from pristine being, into fragmented fascimiles of our true glory, every bite we move further and further away.

This sea of illusion is full of chimerical sharks - an ocean laced with teeth, whose name is curiosity and whose veil of maya will keep us in endless cycles if we so choose.

Many spend their lives, their many lives, churning through the series of impressions that are woven together in threads of false consciousness.

All the time the sun beats.....rays reaching down, into the ocean, where artists trace patterns on the sandy sea-bed in a hopeless attempt to capture transience itself.

An angel whispers in my ear - 'You, who come from Eden but find yourself in the intoxicating world of vision, do not renounce what you don't want to give up, but hold the two states in janus-like duplicity. Enjoy the fruits but keep your heart in the garden. Don't expect anything more from the fruits but pleasant taste and hold your hunger in moderation, lest you fall into endless ravinity. Beware those who tell you the fruits will do more than titillate. Don't buy what comes freely. Never let the sun be a commodity. Don't chain the wind.'

Behind and around me a host of creatures lift up in many-coloured exultation. The rhizome of divinity chains us sweetly to a network of associations.

This world we are sold is only one dimension. There is more. Don't believe the dismal natural philosophers. We are more than Muggle-minds might say.

A dragon descends from a mountain of flames to offer me a gaze into his bejeweled eyes. 'The West cast me as Satan; The East as something nobler'. The truth is nothing is fixed and whilst in mythology Lucifer fell, that story has many chapters and you guys are about to write the next part of the sequence. Every soul has fallen into a world of illusion and has been caught up, in varying degrees, in pride and idol worship. You have all sensed that part of yourself which is utterly corrupt and also your better instincts. Now is the time to awaken. Your possibility is manifold and what is broken within you will be your greatest asset as you gather up your vision into a path forward, back into the garden with your pickings from the world. Every traveler has a different tale and the prize is experience transformed into the best story to tell!'

I reel back from his fiery presence and start to prepare for the long walk home.

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