Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 31 December 2010

Dreamt-up sayings

(I wrote these doing an exercise from a book called Shamanic Christianity where you are told think of something that would change your life forever)

The way is unnameable - beyond any religion or category - everywhere present and always speaking - you are a mouth-piece if you are receptive.

You are free to do whatever you want.

Ageing is an illusion brought on by time.

In eternity, everyone lives forever - they can appear as young or old as they want.

You need no money - as long as you believe in it - it is useful.

People are much more open than you think they are.

Sexual ethics are negotiable - you need only courage and mutual respect.

You need to create opportunities, as well as take advantage of the ones that come to you - life is a creative process that requires your complicity to unfold.

Courage is an energy that cuts open the trap of fixed views and opens up the vast space of reality.

If you stay open, nothing can hurt you.

You can eat what you want - some people prefer the lightness and purity of being vegan or vegetarian. Others like the substantiality of fish and meat - depends what you want - there is no right and wrong.

Drugs and alcohol can be quick ways to achieve certain states - there is often a cost - some people are willing to pay the cost - others are uncomfortable with the cost, but forget and repeat the behaviours - still others decide the cost is too high and let go of them - again, there is no right and wrong.

Books will show you what other people think but the most exciting thoughts are your own - fresh.

Politics is the grouping of people into different belief systems and battling it out in society - you can participate in this if you want but you will find the subtleties of your own thinking are drowned in the mess of the conflict - just being who you are is a strong enough statement to start a revolution.

Movement is the best route to spiritual transformation and will open your eyes to the beauty and diversity of life.

Death is an opening - whether it is perceived positively or negatively is up to the experiencer/observer.

God is just a word for a very open, infinite space of consciousness - watch a bubble expand and disappear into air and you will understand the journey of the soul.

Your perspective is no more and no less a unique window on the world and you can see that as proudly and humbly as you like - there is no right and wrong - you have a contribution to make since no one else sees the world quite like you - share your viewpoint.

Every sense is wonderful in its own way and if you focus on your senses, you will experience complete immersion in the sea of consciousness.

Spirituality is about the fine perception of beauty in all the diverse manifestations of reality.

Don't worry about not getting on with everybody - we all have limited knowledge about each other and it is easy to make false judgments - just get on with people who are friendly and accepting of you and leave others be.

You do not have to help anyone - everyone is responsible for their own journey - if you want to get involved that is fine but equally, if you don't, that is okay too.

Salvation seems to be an individual process but it is actually about coming into complete relationship with everything in a network of consciousness.

Sex and touch are wonderful things and can be very grounded and pleasurable, if handled skillfully and respectfully.

The will to dominate and manipulate and hurt is based on a misperception of life - these are unskillful ways of getting what we want - actually what most people want is to be understood and the best way to be understood is to learn how to communicate skilfully

Jesus was a teacher of the way and used the language of the time and place he was situated in.

Another word for salvation is commitment - when you give yourself to something completely, then amazing things start to happen.

Imagine the universe as a gigantic bubble, which is constantly rearranging itself and reflecting off itself.

Everybody is a distinct person and also an expression of one being - that which is beyond identity - religions identify it with their spiritual teacher - so ultimate reality is called Jesus or Buddha but it is truely ineffable and unfathomable.

Don't have to do anything - everything is choice.

Can do whatever you want.

There is no right and wrong, only actions and consequences.

Every moment is an opportunity to choose love and fun and pleasure.

Right and wrong vary according to the context - what do you think?

The silence/God does not care what happens.

Most people totally miss the point of life which is creativity in every thought, word and deed.

Reality is up for grabs.

Most people, especially intellectuals, are utterly deluded.

There is no inherent meaning in life, it is something we choose to create.

Everybody is responsible for their own experience.

Happiness lies in realising the limits of your power.

Nothing is forbidden - there is only advice from those who have trod paths before.

Best to go back to a blank slate and draw a line to begin movement.

Life is always moving between the axis of paradoxes.

You are the ultimate authority - not the religious priest or the professor or doctor - you decide what happens in your life.

The best friend you can have is your own self.

Celebrate liberation through language and beyond.

It's all a gigantic, ever-evolving conversation or exchange - sometimes warlike, sometimes amorous, sometimes business-like.

Nobody knows what is right or wrong - we are all blagging it as we go along and that is the joy of it.

It's all good - all in your perception - way beyond any system - life is ever inventive and radically inclusive - it all depends what you want.

Everybody is okay - beatific vision.

Call yourself what you want if you want a label to define your way of being but remember - you are unique.

Develop your own vision - you have one, unique, unrepeatable life - make the most of it.

Bust any system you come across yet also accept it as a room in an endless mansion of thought - others may feel happy living there - people are in their reality tunnels which all interconnect and make up a divine, magical reality - be free.

Different people have different ideas about right and wrong - different standards.

It's all a big negotiation and we often do not agree.

Myths are an important part of life - different myths express different truths.

Let beauty shine through a multiplicity of portals in the world.

Don't be freaked out by others' beliefs.

Reality exceeds expectations - reasonable proportions - it is all a divine comedy - though not exactly as Dante imagined with his medieval mindset - let go into a more fluid 21st century world.

You are God is Love and that can be expressed in an infinite amount of ways.

You can take as long as you like.

You can have it right now if you open yourself up widely enough.

Every occurrence in your life is an opportunity to wake up.

Life is less of a design and more of a flourish.

Peace would come if more people learnt to dance.

It all adds up to nothing.

Only you have the power to announce your own brilliance in life.

Always trust your own mind over another.

There is no best thing - there are many things, many options.

As Jesus became God, so shall you all.

Your smile will come from a realisation of unity.

Money is a symbol for energy - use it wisely and lightly.

The best way to enjoy yourself is to abandon yourself.

Death is always a possibility.

It's all about perspective and perception - there are an infinite number of ways of looking at the world - kaleidoscopic and multiplicitous.

Celebrate the artist's freedom and the abundance of a creative life.

It is all relational - an infinite contextual field - choose the configuration you enjoy the most

All archetypes - converge on one archetype whose name is Mystery, which pervades everything - let yourself be blinded by its light - one source - beyond the beyond.

It all fits.

Play with life.

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