Shining threads

Shining threads

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

False gods are fixed by the river-side

Every earnest truth-seeker needs to beware of stopping to build a shrine and worshiping at the temple of beautiful lies, built on a foundation of good intentions, unworkable ideas, seductive fantasy and wishful thinking.

Many weary of carrying on the difficult journey towards the ocean of truth and are caught up on the banks of false gods, whether religious, economic or literary. Partial accounts can seem correct to those who haven't felt the overwhelming tide of revelation.

If you want to know the nature of freedom, look at the sun, standing radiant, giving itself endlessly to its planetary/lunar children and in a chain of relations with other suns.

Beauty has many shades, phases, moods and configurations. Forever renewing itself with the subtle dexterity of a chameleon, kaleidoscopically shifting through the jungle's rainbow terrain.

Material wealth makes magnificent but ephemeral adornments - constructing and dissipating with the rise and fall of moments, seasons, centuries, cosmic cycles.

A constant recycling of nature's bounty passing through possession from person to person, knowing no law except coherence to natural ways, equally happy in the context of despotism or communism.

The lighter you are, the faster the movement, the less fixed the property, the more free the spirit.

The ocean respects no boundaries and only knows an ever-shifting landscape.

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