Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 31 December 2010


Imagine language like an electric eel...slivering with razor sharp speed through the air...darting into your ear to tickle your brain...awakening circuits long dormant...joyous at the curvy precision of the linguistic keys that fizz with enlightening information....The eel has no beginning or end...but travels circuitously, constantly transforming itself, to the marvel and awe of its recipients.

Imagine language as feathers...blown by the gentle force of your tickle the inner workings of your friends. Words so soft, that people must become so supple and open to receive their intended communications.

Imagine language as immaterial food, which you crave, which you gorge upon, which nourishes you - a multitude of fruit trees, offering endless blends for us to enjoy. 

Imagine language as bullets, blown from the pistol of an aggressive, rigid soldier. Sent to destroy self-esteem and terrorize the semantic networks of humanity. There are two ways to deal with these firings. The first is to build a shield of strength. Impervious to the attacks of the verbally pugnacious. The second is to become so porous that any attempt to strike you with hate will just sail right through your infinitely flexible being and fly off into the horizon, inevitably to strike the sender when his karma ripens and the words have traveled 360 degrees.

Imagine language as a garden, words as seeds, sentences as beds, and stories as ecologies. The eloquent gardener grows a fertile plot of verbal flowers - to make garlands of meaning and wreathes of poetry.

Imagine language as the bars of your prison and the keys to your emancipation. Particular arrangements offering entrapment or liberation, according to the harmony or otherwise of the pattern you construct. The oppressed of the world have imprints of texts deep in their beings, binding their neurology to the outlines of long-dead sages and speakers. The joy that comes when erroneous phrases are burst and the energy they held within is released into a freer, truer space of creative possibility.

Imagine language as the aural emissions, flying from mouth to ear, itself a thread knitting together souls in incestuous conversations, endless exchanges.

Imagine language as a cosmic pattern, evolving, stretching and interweaving its expressions, its dynamic creation. From roots of primal chaos, to rough attempts to elucidate communications, to increasingly diverse and complex vocabularies and dialects, to the subtle realms of the ineffable, inexpressible, wordless.

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