Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 31 December 2010

Many ways to begin

There are so many ways to begin.

Scattered fragments lay out in front of me.
Different possibilities of configuration play themselves out in my mind.

Where each seed idea might lead is uncertain,
as intention and novelty stretch each other in creative tension.

From the shattered bowl, I rearrange shards into a mosaic.
From the dying tree, I break off branches to build a den.

Chaos tears apart the status-quo and a more complex order emerges.
Fixity is dying and a more humble, yet exciting worldview is demanded of us.

Those who cling onto the old, choose to be the dinosaurs of the new era,
whilst pioneers take initial baby steps, as they build their confidence in the dawning context.

The scepticism about certainty that kept thinkers chaste, now seems to be paying off,
as openness becomes a virtue, and old beliefs are left behind, to play their rigid pattern out.

From the fissures that the less loyal allow to break open,
comes fresh life from the well-springs of beauty.

Perception evolves so we can see more.

As each node awakens to deeper life,
ripples spread out through the network and relations rearrange.

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