Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 30 December 2010


Many shapes of oak tree are in the acorn.
Many adult selves are contained in the newly born.

Many possibilities of relationship spring from the opening line.
Many futures may manifest from this moment in time.

Many universes spring from the eternal void.
Many mutations see the light before they are destroyed.

Many drafts are written from the seed idea.
Many dark fantasies are bred out of fear.

Many trajectories sprout out from this point on the road.
Many beautiful memories are bound up in the load.

Many configurations build up from the opening scrabble letter.
Many visions come from those who think they could fashion society better.

Many seasons turn around a point of light.
Many colours fan out from a source of white.

Many people share a consciousness with the one.
Many planets spin out from the radiant sun.

Many books have come from the primordial Word.
Many different sheep are in the seemingly homogenous herd.

Many games are invented to fill the space.
Many expressions animate the human face.

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