Shining threads

Shining threads

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Me and my demons

Some see their demons in the mirror,
and some see them in the clouds.

Some take their demons out for a walk,
and some talk to them aloud.

Some meet their demons at the local bar,
and some at the gambling house.

I feed my demons cherry drops,
and read them excerpts from Faust.

Some cast their demons out through exorcism,
and some paint them onto canvas.

Some describe their demons to the parish priest
and some hand them over at Mass.

Some count their demons when falling asleep
and some meet them in their dreams.

I tuck my demons up with me at night
and we discuss what wholeness means.

Some see their demons when they get mad
and some keep them well out of sight.

Some conjure demons in a haze of smoke
and some offer them up to the Light.

Some run away from demons their whole lives
and some don't believe in them at all.

I view my demons as part of the package
and so redeem myself from the Fall.

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