Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 30 December 2010

The meaning(s) of life

Some people say life is a school,
we're here for learning, discipline and rules.

Others point out it's a big trip,
an opportunity for experience and being hip.

Scientists assert it's about evolution,
developing habits for survival and mutation.

Players say life is just a game,
play to win otherwise you are lame.

Fighters say existence is a war,
and are militaristic to their core.

Breeders think life is about reproduction,
fulfilling our bodies' ultimate function.

Fornicators say life is all about sex,
and confine their time to carnal projects.

The Religious preach the rule of the Divine,
obey the proscriptions and all will be fine.

Hedonists sing the world is a big party,
drinks, food and being hearty.

Romantics speak of utopian dreams,
Behind appearances, love's radiance gleams.

Nihilists say there's no point to it,
and lose themselves in the abysmal pit.

The social say life is a conversation,
chattering to their mutual elevation.

Determinists say there is no choice,
just submit to life's guiding voice.

Capitalists are here to make money,
any other motivations are deemed funny.

Communists are purely moved to share,
Only then they think will life be fair.

Artists' raison d'etre is to create,
to innovate and make their own fate.

Me? I blend it all together,
on my journey into forever.

Life is too immense to be fixed,
The greatest revelation is that it's mixed.

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