Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 31 December 2010

Sometimes (2)

Sometimes a poetic lie - a shard of fantasy, flying into our line of vision from some daimonic realm - may awaken us more sharply, than a thousand hours of newsreel - 'missives from the battle-field of reality'

Sometimes we have to interrupt - to tear down the established order - impose an opening to let fresh air into a muddled situation.

Sometimes we need to flick to opposition of the patterns of the recent past, to ignite vitality and sing difference into a linear track.

Sometimes disturbance of 'the peace', calls us to a more immediate attention, shaking us from arcadian dreams, into an apprehension of a more sublime, less comforting landscape.

Striking novel dance-moves on the dance-floor of existence.

Sometimes there must be a shock - a collision of expectation and actuality to shift the configuration to a sharper resolution.

Sometimes we must let cracks appear in the jar of our being, if light is to come through the set contours of clay.

Sometimes things must be smashed - often by accident, occasionally on purpose - to punctuate a situation which has become stuck and reframe awareness to a more fluid nature.

Sometimes incongruity must tear a rupture in the fabric of normality - upsetting the apple-cart of everyday ways, in order to integrate other dimensions.

Sometimes the outsider must impress his alien ways onto the cosiness of the clique - challenging and stretching their customs to accommodate alternative paradigms.

Sometimes we must drop out of our routine - take a hike in a new direction and let the unknown open up our sense of adventure and lust for novelty.

Sometimes we must imagine the death of certainty, living as if we may not awaken from the next night's sleep and see how that awareness transforms the complacency of our assumptions.

Sometimes we must not go to bed, but journey into the darkness, witnessing the shadow of Apollo's daylight and the womb of our dreams.

Sometimes we must not tell it all, cherishing the secrets that uniquely enrich our souls, letting out only hints and smiles that point to the discoveries of our lives.

Conformity is unsettling and sometimes refreshing to the constantly rebellious.

Sometimes we must stop, dead, in our tracks and turn around, so we can meet the possibilities that have been tapping on our shoulder, knowing that destiny is an arrow flying in multIple directions and the way may encompass many paths.

Sometimes we must tune into the still voice that culture is drowning out and dance to a different beat, though the zeitgeist might declare us out of step, the wider pattern of the gods will shower favour on our courageous steps.

Sometimes we must elevate the exception so it has a chance of embroidering the rule. Without integration, this life we have denied will return with the vengeance of the malignly festering.

Sometimes we must invite utopias in, to lift the depression that can suffuse the real world and chance to see how ideals may light the way to expanded worlds, without losing our sense of the ground.

Sometimes suggests variance and fissure - discontinuities and turnings in our paths. The only salvation sometimes offers is transformation.

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