Shining threads

Shining threads

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


With each step, the previous stone disappears and if I try to step back, an entirely new, though in some ways, familiar stone appears.

Perpetually in an ever-changing 'middle', extremes no longer make any sense, except as reference points.

As if a single colour could be endured for long. A sense of proportion is a key to sanity. The pendulum swings, sometimes gently, sometimes more violently, but stasis is a myth - movement is the inescapable nature of life.

Metaphors are multiple - the tyranny of single-mindedness has been overthrown - combinations and exchanges are the currency of our experience now.

Strip back the masks of assumption and cliche - a more varied, unpredictable and coloured territory is revealed.

Footprints in the soil, leave a manufactured impression on the wild earthy ground - mixing sediments, layers of histories long forgotten, cast aside by the leviathans of remembered significance, before learning shifts as the age changes, and different aspects become prominent.

Seeing the possible future steps of someone approaching, I step into that stream of experience where we will meet.

Each person is an unfolding story of many pages, whose future is unwritten and past largely a matter of perspective. We may catch a few words or even several chapters, though only partial renditions of these, and no-one is ever known in their entirety.

Faces are not fixed, yet carry signifiers of past experience or future hope. Information plays subtlety on the surface to offer hints of each impossible, particular expression of infinity's incandescence.

Interpretation is everything - as 'facts', incompletely, come in and out of awareness, to be sifted through, and those that sound a chime of truthfulness survive the furnace (though what is perceived to be true is open to revision), along with those that compliment our expectations, prejudices and desires. How this accumulated and partial knowledge is applied, depends on the individual and the values and beliefs that he or she carries.

Clouds care for the parched earth; sun beams long to caress the faces of humanity; winds are in love with scent and joyously carry olfactory delights around the lands; the ground is a community of chthonic magicians pulling flowery surprises out of its terrestial hats. All elements conspire and combine, in a fertile mix of matter.

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