Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 31 December 2010

A tale of water

Somewhen, a fellow dwelling in mellow moods, cruising through, half-on, half-off, had a fall.

The fellow fell and hurt his head. Bam, wham, stars hovered around his crest, and something awakened, questions unfolding a quest. His life moved from the surface of a lake, idle languishing, to a discovery of deep, dark depths, long hidden from the sun's illumination.

Our fellow became a fisherman and explorer, diving to five fathoms low and more.

He left no stone unturned - unearthing innumerable creatures of the blue - too obscure to detail, yet each emboldened his mission to shine the light of his curiousity, now a furious curious drive, onto the aquatic labyrinths below.

From the initial lake, he moved on down streams and rivers, to other ponds and pools, down waterfalls and wiers, weird backwaters and canals, detailing and documenting the phenomena various of different local waters. Out into channels and seas and oceans, his motion was unceasing and circulating, until he perceived the common link.

'Water, water - it's all water - I'm surrounded by water and now I know!'

Rather than retreat to a restful retirement, he spent his days taking folk down the avenues of his own adventure and inspiring them to make their own, hoping that they too might realise what he had.

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