Shining threads

Shining threads

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Her eyes gush unfathomable promise, like black olives, glistening in their natural oil.

Her hair, spaghetti locks, long and curled, a golden brown mess.

Her mouth, open, like a de-stoned avocado, ready to pour in a balsamic mix.

Her tongue, wet whispery remembered, like artichoke leaves, teasing out the fruit.

Her neck, half-exposed, with her hair swept to one side, like an aubergine's elegant curves.

Her breasts, ripe and pert, like succulent pears, not yet fallen from the tree.

Her belly, smooth and punctuated by the button, like a fish's eye, winking to my gaze.

Her hips, holding the presence between two poles, of pumpkin proportions, her middle width.

Her bottom, smooth and rounded, like a pair of melons, side by side.

Her presence, an invitation, like an oyster, slippery and fleshy.

Her legs, see magical limbs supporting, asparagus twin towers, carry her forth.

Her feet, like skate, spread out flat, sinking her weight into the ground.

Together, a tasty body of delicious dishes - so good I could eat. In fact, I will do exactly that.

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