Shining threads

Shining threads

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Knives flash moonlight in myriad directions.

A figure steps forward out of the darkness,

tools glistening,

refugee from some medieval scene,

transported to a harsh urban landscape.

Bringer of tales

from less cosseted, yet less complicated times.

Distressed, deranged street wanderers,

minds shot through by the information wars,

hook into the show,

confused thoughts stopped in trance,

by the dance of the knives,

playing out on the pavement show.

The quicksilver motion of true thoughts,

made manifest in this dare-devil display,

blows open the senses.

Eight knives interweave,

sketching out an infinity sign,

alternating between

salvation and destruction,

freedom and severance.

The eyes of the juggler

speak deep tales of oneness,

beyond the divergent choices of people's lives.

When the ties that hold travelers back are broken,

what remains are the connections

of free association

and the light of the soul,

finally allowed to shine forth,

illuminates their way.

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