Shining threads

Shining threads

Monday, 10 January 2011

The silver line

His crystalline eyes,

drunk on the finest wine,

and pupils wide as love.

He came down the stairs

from the floor above,

where he'd been counting his coins.

Money, status and satisfaction for his loins

were his main concerns.

He turned a corner one afternoon

and was amazed to find a hole.

It was black and deep

and its appearance

made him weep

for the state of his soul.

He teetered on the edge

and began to fall

and screaming, grasped a silver line.

Clinging on

it wasn't long

before the line began to ascend.

'What miracle is this?

Why, I'd give a kiss

to whoever saved me from my fate.'

A voice rang out

'Have no doubt,

I can hold your weight.

But I need you

to do a few

favours for me please.


your priorities

and see

that all are fed.

You see

my friend,

the way to the end

must be made with everyone you see.

So take a deep breath

and hold back your death

by sweetly serving me.'

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