Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The tragedy of the partisan

Very few have the desire and will to be a philosopher and so to love wisdom in all its various manifestations.

Instead they are stopped short by partisan travellers on the way and sell their souls to limited views.

The conservative holds back from life and strengthens his own position.

The liberal tries to please all parties.

The socialist wants to make things fair.

The anarchist tries to dissolve hierarchical structure.

The scientist wants everything to be empirically testable.

The fascist wants all things under his control.

The New-Ager wants everything to be alternative.

The tragedy of the partisan is they get caught at bends in the river's path and miss the wide open glory of the ocean.

Picture Newton and his many followers, still picking up shells on the shore's edge.

And the religious in their various temples and holy places, whilst a bird soars overhead through the brilliant blue sky.

The political argue endlessly about their various schemes.

And the backdrop is silent and endless.

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