Shining threads

Shining threads

Saturday, 1 January 2011

The world in three words

This is the result of a project from a couple of years ago. I asked a variety of people to describe the world in three words - here are the results.

Vast breathing mother

Here but insignificant

Colourful big different

Groovy busy sweet

Colourful relentless engaging

Soft hard emotional

Big round crazy

Make life beautiful

Homeostatic shifting emerging

A great experience

A bit shit

Could be better

Wrong but solved

Beautiful ugly chaotic

My big home

Oh my God!

Colourful inspiring rollercoaster

Great amazing wonderful

Corrupt greedy unsafe

Bereft tortured challenging

Round blue green

Really fucked up

Really fucking great

Confusing interesting fun

A big mess

Not quite spherical

Terrifying beautiful immense

Tremendous diverse amazing

Full of stuff

Hilarious stupendous crap

Round colourful varied

Doomed beautiful precious

Big chaotic dangerous

Supernature humanity environment

Big round beautiful

Huge wonderful terrifying

It's out there

Bourgeoisie versus the proletariat

Dark small everything

Ham up shit

Hate love selfishness

Illusionary temporary transitory

Colourful beautiful mysterious

Big round wet

It is round

Creative music art

Important intimidating magnificent

Wrong but solved

Fucked beyond belief

Big round flat

A bit shit

Wonderfully awesomely beautiful

Big round blue

Accidental random luck

Ball of life

Hard soft feelings

All too much

Must be more

There's no escape

Wild strange exciting

Relentless magical drunken

Being here now

Sticky and slippery

Selfishness innocence creation

Round big dying

Tough but brilliant

Where we stand

Yes Yes Yes

Crypto-fascist Bourgeoisie Run

A good world

A kind world

A nasty world

Unpredictable fascinating frightening

Not enough beer

Help the homeless

Harsh unjust stereotyping

Full of shit

Limited beautiful unpredictable

World turn dayglo

Total fucking mess

Corruption beauty unpredictable

Not heaven hell

World is fucked

Wonderful natural creativity

Tony Blair sucks

Big blue marble

Past present future

Ups and downs

Beautiful love hate

Lump of rock

Huge diverse unfathomable

Chaotic beautiful blue

Built to last

Expensive round supercallifragilisticexpealidocious

Not all bad

Fun lively amazing

Amazing beautiful magic

Great round chocolate

Up down sideways

Interestingly functioning ball

It's not bad

Cyclical alive beautiful

Anne's my world

A great place

Wet grey windy

Totally fucked up

Big and round

Big and flat

Mostly inconsequential confusion

How can we?

Verdant tiny impressive

Never any time

A fucking nightmare

Round blue green

People suffering pain

People living happiness

Love luck oneness

Challenging essentially beautiful

Vast modernist unequal

Blue green world

One massive coincidence

It's all encompassing

Nbiru is coming

Really fucked up

Fucking screwed crap

No turning back

Chaotic weird fantastical

Blissful beautiful bountiful

Expansive energising ecstatic

Big black hairy

Ring my bowl

2 pi r

Big round beautiful

Majestic connection moving

Infinite paradoxical expectation

Fruitful harmonious convivial

Little bit messy

Sexy lovely gorgeous

Frantic complicated wonderful

Scarred yet patient

Messy hard beautiful

Tricky surprising precious

Wonderful and awful

Big blue beautiful

Full of variety

We are together

Bright tasty sweet

Planet in space

Crappy from pollution

Spherical wonderful immense

Anarchic chaos busy

Astounding horrifying confusing

Troubled awesome sigh

Out of balance

Troubled changing evolving

Unfair developing Amazing

Good and positive

Overwhelming but inspiring

Eco recyled chaos

Round chaotic ordered

Blue green white

Corrupt beautiful dying

Fascinating multi-faceted full

Could be better

Chaotic exciting beautiful

Wonderful exciting fun

Vast miniscule expansive

Confused friendly unfriendly

Birth sex death

Big round blu

Chaotic beautiful fascinating

Overwhelming not definable

Blue green white

Alive living live

Happy bright dark

Vast blimey beautiful

Hard isn't it

Round troubled miraculous

Colourful relentless engaging

Pungent surreal ancient

Messy afraid challenged

Big beautiful boisterous

Serendipitous little pained

No waste easily

Infinite magical difficult

Spherical rotating finite

Scary big fine

Big round spacious

Eclectic sensuous human

Destructible troubled small

Wet unsettled spinning

I love it

It's all irrelevant

Disparate changing progressing

Doesn't time fly

Passionate vibrant good

Big fat old

Incredibly exquisitely awful

Rotating wet muddy

Blue round white

Green grey blue

A beautiful place

Fair to middling

Changeable improving sociable

Horrible bad helpful

A wonderful place

Bloody awful place

Circular busy erratic

Multicultural multilingual changing

Is beyond all

Many lost souls

Awesome involuted evolving

Rich mysterious transparent

Complex perplexing breathtaking

Beautiful troubled divided

Complicated dangerous fun

Seeking desperate yearning

Conception consciousness cadaver

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