Shining threads

Shining threads

Sunday, 13 February 2011

The game

There are many games.

He plays 'The Game' but it is just one of many.

The player knows the lines to win, the timing to achieve his goal and how to spend his winnings.

Children are indoctrinated from birth into a particular cultural game. The game of life/Monopoly/being the best/the oppression of women/how to ignore 99% of humanity/my cultural trappings are better than yours/and so on.

The contours of the game you play become the contours of your soul and it is hard to step out. It is hard to see the wider context in which your game functions.

It is hard to see the rules are human constructions and there is a higher order.

Every stage demonises the one above. Until that time that they become disillusioned with where they are at and start to glimpse the possibility of moving on.

The man of sorrows played to lose.

This confuses those souls who know only the triumph of temporal victory.

The players raise the stakes.

Those who have mastered the game, should make space, rather than continue to cream off the winnings from souls in education.

There is always a higher game.

Until you get swallowed by the meta-gamemaster, who you were all along.

Then every player becomes you, in a cosmic swirl of winner and loser, until you are lost in the meaningless of your definitions, and the pieces are swept off the board of fixed positions, to dance on the ground of being.

Reality is up for grabs.

Those who awaken know it.

What you create, what you manifest with that knowledge, defines your destiny.

Choose your game carefully.

And play well.

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