Shining threads

Shining threads

Monday, 21 February 2011

A new world

Innovate to be inheritors of a new world. Don't get caught up in the shadows but encourage those pecking to break open their shells. The future is about networks of free association. We're already there in many ways, but the hangover of the past is still clinging to some of us. Step into the verdant light of the garden - we never truly left except in thought.

All the political factions represent different gods - blend all the values together and rise above them. Stay at the level of the gods and you'll never stop squabbling.

The summit of consciousness is an indivisible unity, beyond the many-coloured splendour of the imagination. At the depths of consciousness is conflict and despair. Our political system is based on splintered factions fighting over very relative systems of governance, in the shadow of a financial elite who spin the notion of money out of thin air, fool most people, and position themselves as the winners of their game. What to do? Live lightly, bake bread, make music, tell jokes, make love and spread it as far as it will go. Transcend notions of law and property and get as high as you can.

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