Shining threads

Shining threads

Saturday, 12 March 2011


Some meetings are brief. Some last a life-time.

Some that last a life-time should have been brief.

And others that were brief should have lasted a life-time.

That's what I hear them say but time is such a poor measure. As if longevity has anything of value to say.

The 'shoulds' we impose are only different possibilities of how the picture might have been painted. Only we know why we chose this particular configuration. Experience is everything and consequences merciless but never fixed.

It all depends and the love letters we send in thoughts to our host of associates, companions, the whole cast of walk-on parts, stacked up in memory, say more than outward appearances.

Every plan leads to new plans and every meeting is an event in itself, to be savoured; one of many tripping over one another in a procession of entanglements. Unrepeatable chemical reactions, an incomprehensible web alight with blazing possibility, stories unfolding and interweaving in all directions.

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