Shining threads

Shining threads

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The paradoxical point/pointlessness

There is an Axis Mundi which both transcends time and space and simultaneously links occasions in sacred communion.

Witness: the American Indians dancing round the totem pole, in honour of their Divinity and its many aspects.

Witness: the awakening of the Buddha, sat under the Bodhi tree, having passed through experimental extremes and now a seamless Enlightenment coalesces.

Witness: the death of Christ on the cross, hands nailed to the two horizontal poles, pointing to sinners (one destined for heaven; the others' fate hanging in the balance).

Witness: the pagan peasants, dancing round the Maypole in an English village, joyously celebrating the rising of the sap.

Witness: The collapse of duality as the Twin Towers fall in New York, after being impacted by planes and the puncturing of the Pentagon.

Witness: The birth of a child, the primal resolution of two beings met in sexual union.

Witness: The sunflower reaching boldly as a mirror for the sun's image.

The sequence of events fan out through the weaves of history - speaking through screens of words to our sense of the overwhelmingly ineffable.

Every moment is alive with possibility - this many-sided fleshy dream groans with yearning and ecstasy and agony.

The laughter of friends ricochets round the same space as the vibrations from bombs which fall across the water.

Nations rise to meet the fulfillment of their promise.

And shadows fall to test the light.

All illusion will pass, burnt by the fires of reality until only the source remains.

Then we shall know the glorious pointlessness of the Divine.

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