Shining threads

Shining threads

Sunday, 26 June 2011

All things in moderation

All things in moderation - the folk wisdom says.

Except Morris dancing, crack cocaine and incest.

A moderate amount of murder, slavery and exploitation of animals is clearly OK by the standards of the UK, 2011.

Parliament are currently drawing up legislation to ban Morris-dancing completely and send it underground, now it is socially taboo and frowned upon by polite society. But there is a counter-revolution being launched to keep the fertility rites on the streets.

There are campaigners arguing for selective cases of incest to be allowed - after all, if a brother and sister fancy each other and there is mutual consent, where's the harm? Particularly if they use protection.

And crack cocaine is starting to feature on Gordon Ramsay's new menu, sprinkled on a refreshing mid-meal sorbet, to liven up his diners.

A voice from the sideline cries: if moderation is the rule, then we must be moderate about moderation. Therefore the exception is allowed by the rule! Shining a light on all areas of life, in a universal and particularising way.

The Ruler, standing dead-straight and 30 cm high, cracks, shatters and dissipates. No - He/She/It bends, curves, accommodates. The Ruler dances and plays itself groovy tunes on the infinite scale of measurement. 

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