Shining threads

Shining threads

Saturday, 23 July 2011

The dazzling light

The dazzling light we perceive crashes in from all directions, gleaming with meaninglessness.

It is we who create the meaning - we are the creators. The light is merely given and sets off the process.

Cells invented photosynthesis. They're clever like that!

We invented log-fires and gunpowder and i-books.

From the shining threads of majesty we weave sculptures of gods to which we bow.

From the jumble of sounds we make discrete letters and then assemble them, through various alphabets, into complex works of literature.

And flowers just smile for a while before fading back into the earth.

The blessings of life are transient and all the more so for that.

The dazzling light might wink at us if it could and it does from our perspective, but my feeling is this light has no on-off switch; only we do.

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