Shining threads

Shining threads

Saturday, 27 August 2011



She takes a healthy bite from an apple...crisp and juicy. I feel a good way.

For we have resurrected the apple back into bright reality from the tortured strictures of a Judeo-Christian symbol-system (along with the snake and the lamb and the goat and the dove).

Yes. The apple's back. Fully innocent...and delicious.

But back to her.


She's taking a series of steps through the passage of civilisation, stopping off to stand tall on the edge of the jungle.

'Fear not the wild.' She says. 'For once all was one.' Again the split by religion has fucked up our minds. But we resurrect. We integrate. We become ONE.

She comes and sits by my side, eating the apple, with the airs and graces of a lady who allows herself to focus solely on the present moment and full enjoyment of the fruit in her hand. Not the fruits of her labour but the fruit in her hand. Since the apple was plucked from a gift-giving tree - as all trees are - as all beings are - for we are gifts - to one another - we've just forgotten - we've just fallen ASLEEP.

Fallen, fallen into religious understandings. Fallen into divided territory. If the tree of knowledge was the origin of our division then perhaps a new perception of that tree will remind us...(whisper it)...we never left the garden.

We just stopped appreciating.


Taste your food. Be here forever.

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