Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 18 August 2011

The inner orchestra

I have an orchestra within me and sometimes I play different instruments and sometimes I let myself be played.

What I hear without resonates with what I feel within. The keys of life chime in my soul - sometimes a great harmony, sometimes dischord, but always reflective in a perfect mirroring of my perception.

Love has many faces and seasons. Morphing through different relationships, yet the instinct to connect remains the interlinking thread.

We smile and a portion of those around us respond, setting off a chain of events. Wisdom circulates, like a butterfly, allowing flashes of beauty to ricochet through time and space, initiating a wondrous game of hide and seek, which once discovered is never forgotten and the obvious and occasional becomes universalised to the hidden and eternal. The butterfly being only one card in the pack of nature, which hooks people in to drink of sacred mysteries.

I have within me, something indeterminate, which allows itself to be described through an infinite range of metaphors - from instruments to animals to fantastical beings to elements. What I am is impossible to say and too wide to be contained in words but silence can say something if you listen.

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