Shining threads

Shining threads

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Physic slowly insinuates its fibres and muscles and roots up....from below.

The body of a killer, a hunter who has been split off, his stealth and poised senses repressed by many degrees of separation.

Yet the killing continues, out of sight. Taxes and extra costs cover the expense of the killing fields and slaughter houses.

The wild voices of the South, suppressed by the clipped tones of the North.

This is a global thing and we must integrate.

Tattoos, dreadlocks, drums - all the features of a tribal network reassert themselves amidst the crumbling structures of society.

This concrete reality has found its ground after a long detour to the stars.

There is nothing tender about these shoots, crude and vital, connectors to the earth, visceral communication lines to base emotions and needs - security, protection, anger, territory, hunger, family, lust.

Physic returns. Hard and foundational.

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