Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Teenage kicks

Passed notes around the classes. Crushes rush to overwhelm the emotions.

This is not an age to strive for balance and serenity.

Snatched smokes in between lessons.

Life is not a school but a dangerous party to push the limits at, when you manage to break free.

A chasm grows between generations. We are the first human beings ever to feel this way.

Music is devoured feverously.

A series of experiments with different substances knocks consciousness into previously unrealised configurations.

The voice of rebellion and sulkiness and rashness and excitement.

Nobody knows impatient anticipation quite like the teenager awaiting something good.

What would be a pathology at later stages is par for the course.

Half of the teenager is straining at the bit to launch into wild freedom whilst the other half is tamed by controlling forces wanting to direct the child towards safety.

This is a world of assumed immortality which seems to encourage hell-bent behaviour.

A catalogue of firsts - the privilege of the young - first kiss, first night out, first time drunk, first drive, first exam, first trip to the psychiatrist, first sex, first vote, first time living away from home.

The energy of the teenage years, like all ages, carries over through a person's life. Some keep the fires stoked, others try to forget its excesses. But the memories are there....bubbling beneath the surface with rampant glee!

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