Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 23 September 2011

Black is back

Black has its back to the light.

Black is the dazzling darkness.

Black is a cocktail gown. A suit for all occasions.

Black is the colour of death. The funeral hearse.

Black is the night.

Black is ink - a series of etchings pretending to meaning.

Black is our pupils - the wide open eyes of learning.

Black has its own attractions - an aid to make a body seem lithe.

Black is a colour of glamour and business, of religion and ceremony, of brooding and depression.

Black is here in varying proportions and sometimes is near total but never for long.

Black is back.

Black is the dog which pulls at your heels.

Black is your shadow which is most apparent when you stand in the light.

Black mines a pathway through opaqueness.

Black is majestic.

An evening dress to die for.

A cape to wear to lose oneself in the night.

Black is a chasm, a pit, a cave, a box of unknowns.

Black is the screen which masks the play of the visible.

Black is the backdrop to the season of temptation once night falls and the psyche is released.

Black is the colour in which evil hides and is able to dance.

Black absorbs all attempts to shine the light.

Black masks all depth of vision yet reveals what is furthest away.

Black attracts the parts of us which are tired of the garish gaze of daylight.

Black swims in an ocean of obscurity.

Black is anonymous.

Black is back.

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