Shining threads

Shining threads

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Skating on thin ice

She's out there, skating on thin ice.

Seeing how far one bodysoul can travel into translucency.

This game is only for the light and those willing to risk all.

She has heart but also an imperative not to melt, since all would be lost then.

Skating on thin ice, on the outer regions of lake-life, just a tiny layer separating the air from the deep cold depths.

The sharp, clinical, metallic edges cut gliding lines into the icing of nirvana.

Circling and pirouetting for an audience of birds, she's here for a while, a spectacle for the sky.

Then, her luck vanishes and the lake opens up to receive her.

Forgotten apart from the trails of her skates, etched on the icy mass, soon to evaporate into the warm stare of the sun's gaze.

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