Shining threads

Shining threads

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Revolutionary lips

Our lips must become poised to be sculptors of revolutionary statements.
Each touch, each kiss, each word charged with erotic majesty to set worlds on fire.
Loaded with light.
Each lifting of a finger and cycle of breath done with the awareness of our embedded existence
in a realm which can be lifted into love.

Matter is neutral but in its manipulation we show our colours.
Those tones and shades we choose to be our markers.
The flags we wear for others to identify who they are dealing with.

Nervous systems register instinctively when we are connecting.
The electricity of life resonates at fine frequencies between lovers and friends.
Energy tickles, insinuates and surges through and between.

This eruption has no singular source
but will be the outcome of a collective yearning and dreaming.
A period of gestation with brief manifestations and flourishes over the years
but only Now come to full fruition.

Let's burst forth with the open confidence of people who know not precisely what is to come
but are willing to unfold the process with every step of our dance.

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