Shining threads

Shining threads

Monday, 30 July 2012

Beyond rings and crowns

The image of the rings rules the Summer, rules the city, rules the airwaves but we are bigger than that.

The image of the crown, the palace, the throne rules the Summer, rules the city, rules the airwaves but we are bigger than that.

Life presents us with a series of claims to authority to which we can submit if we do not dare.

From parent, to teacher, to bully, to priest, to politician, to celebrity and so on. We stand in the shadow of impressions, of thought-forms and patterns which seek to hold us in their grip.

A dizzying array of ideologues and ideologies, of systems and systematisers dance in and out of our minds, but we are bigger than that and something tiny within us is constantly reminding us of that fact.

That tiny thing connects us to one another and to our ultimacy, our divinity, the crown of the universe, quite beyond any terrestial kings and queens.

To whom do you bow down? To whom do you defer your own brilliance to? What stands in the way of you and the lightning strikes that seek to exalt you into cosmic freedom?

Each person is a slave, a serf, a pupil, a soldier, an employee, a devotee, a patient, a child, until they reach out to claim their own liberation - only then can the dance of subjugation be seen and it is clear that both sides are complicit in different ways.

To walk free along creative openings, with the sky as perpetual backdrop and blank canvas on which to sketch our heart's designs.

The rings are ours to juggle with - the palace is ours to live in - the crown is ours to wear - and the games are ours to play.

Push on. Reclaim your imagination. Weaken all false gods that stand in your way until you can feel the heat from the blazing trail that is opening before you. Divinity demands no intermediaries. Are you willing to stand in the light and be known?

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