Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 3 August 2012

Any given moment

Freedom-liar. Witch-doctor. Earth-polluter. Baby-bomber.

At any given moment they will go to war.

The State, that we love, that we cherish, that cradles us, that holds us, is a military force primed to destroy.

Don't turn away. Don't brush it under the pavement, paid for with your taxes.

Your government loves you. It does. Your government needs feeding. It loves you. You feed it. You moan about it but you love it. You feed it.

And look what it does.

The oligarchic-corporate-banking few are playing with democracy like puppets on strings, creaming off massive winnings, whilst the people scrabble and scuffle over minor issues. 

Does it really matter, whatever you're worried about?

What really matters?

What is worth worrying about?

Once the facts are amassed and a composite picture viewed, it is shocking.

Whether we've passed the tipping point - 2 degree rise! - or whether there is a way to go before things really slide, these are critical times.

Everyone is complicit.

To varying degrees.

There are solutions rising but how many people are embracing them?

Not nearly enough.

We are scared of a revolution because of what history has shown us.

But revolutions are unfolding every day.

Some revolutions just happen and some people go with them and others don't.

Some revolutions are decided upon and waged - like a jog in the park - it takes a conscious decision and then commitment.

You'll never be the same.

You'll never know what the outcome will be until it comes out in the wash.

It may be a restoration.

It may be the birth of something new.

What comes after this?

We write the script.

You know what happens when you don't write the script.

You have to follow the lines of some idiots with crazy ideas about how to order the world.

And that's all getting a bit boring. A little bit boring. Really boring.

I mean - can you bear to read a paper these days?

It is boring because we are not making the news.

Imagine reading about what we have achieved.

Imagine writing the news.

Imagination is a step. After criticism. Before action.

Criticism. Imagination. Action.

Things will never be the same.

Not in a cloud-sea-air kind of way.

But in a massive re-arrangement of social relations on an unprecedented scale kind of way.

On a shift of the ages epic-scale kind of way.

On a let's make this into a really cool film instead of some stir-crazy b-movie kind of way.

We could do it at any given moment.

Balance threat with possibility and tip the weights towards the explosive, the fantastic, the long-dreamt of. Multiply what is, into a higher dimension of triumphant solution-forth.

Let's do it.


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