Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 24 August 2012

Truth and Dare

Humanitarian intervention spins terrorist spins freedom fighter spins World War 3 spins Truth or Dare - Truth and Dare - Dare to tell the Truth - Dare-devils tell the Truth - be the Devil's advocate when the world is hiding in God-concepts.

Expand - get out of the valley and off the mountain so you can see and be BOTH.

Let the trees of the wild flank the pillars of civilisation - the stars and satellites punctuate the sky - the sculptures of human design criss-cross with more feral patterns sprouting from the ground.

Let electrical energy surge through a network of phones, brains, atmospheric haze and digital symphonies.

Erotic communion speaks rhythmic body conversations in endless forms for the play of difference and meeting. The answer is why not. The question has been forgotten.

Leave the cave - was his final caveat - leave the cave was the only sensible solution as the walls of the senses started to cave in - leave the cave is the logical next step and step out into the real light (and darkness).

The gods dance with one another - Dionysus's sexy sleaze-shuffle grinds up against Apollo's stiff, pristine form. Energies combine and mutate. The think-feel-flesh of humanity-various re-arranges. The alchemists' time has come.

A touch so soft she melts, a touch so soft her surface melts, a touch so soft the ice-caps melt, a touch so soft the melting ice joins the oceans of the world and floods the lands - it's happening so slowly yet decisively since our touch is so soft, so tender, so convenient.

The seasons are subverted - nature has been tweaked by human effects into a post-modern remix.

Dance - the wind whispers - Dance - the wind murmurs - Dance - the wind suggests - Dance - the wind sings - Dance - the wing cries - Dance - the wind screams - Dance!

The juggling planets twirl and twist, orbiting round the resplendent sun - the original busker - ever-beneficient - and we - fleas on the back of our host - move incessantly through the green-blue-flower-bliss of our Earth - and everything speaks of change and everything speaks of change and everything speaks of change and change is the way.

Things rock and pull and stretch and collide and overshadow and in the midst of the dynamic chaos a gentle voice speaks with absolute clarity - Middle - Middle-next-forward.

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