Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 20 December 2012

A poem for the world's ending.

Here we stand, poised at the edge of the end of a world.
Teetering on the precipice,
wondering whether to stay, fall or fly.
The end of a great cycle.
A 5000 year Baktun.
Both aware that things need to change
and uncertain as to exactly how they may.
Watching for the first stepping stone to appear to start the journey. 
Visions erupt and unless dived into, quickly fade back
into the fabric of possibility. 

Tomorrow, the sun shall shine.
The grass will still be green
and people will walk by on the street.
All these things shall in all likelihood continue.

In the midst of many calendars, many systems of time,
we do well to escape the charge of their power
over the universe's own turns and spirals and whirls.

The world, caught in suspension,
between snatched utopias and threatened dystopias,
quivers with anticipation.
Heaven and hell balanced in our own hearts and minds,
it is we who make up the world
and we who determine its destiny through our own paths.

What shall we do with this ending of the world?
If tonight is a portal, through which we step
and tomorrow opens out into some new land of possibilities
(as every morning does),
what shall we do?
When half the world is caught speculating,
some bent on cynicism,
some centred in meditation,
some teasing out the relation of expectation to manifestation.

What shall we do with this ending of the world?
Shall we mourn? Grieve this world we invested in?
Burn our bankcards and leave our homes?
Write goodbye notes to those left behind in the rapture?
Shall we stay awake in anxious fever?
Shall we dance into the night?
What beginnings will it herald?
Can we end with grace and walk the line
to a new stage of configuration?
Endings pose so many questions -
what does 'happily ever after' look like?

The gods no doubt are laughing, as they juggle worlds
and see we humans as insignificant ants,
caught in our local dramas.

'This has all happened many times before.' they whisper.
'Just put one foot in front of the other and become dream.
Become the future you want to unfold.'

And so our sun aligns with its galactic source
and whatever happens shall happen
and because we make it happen.

And everyone will say, 'I told you so.'
Because everyone is right in their own way,
according to their own wavelength.

So welcome the end of the world.
and the passing of the ages
to enter a new era,
knowing that whatever happens shall happen
and because we make it happen.

And let it be so.

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