Shining threads

Shining threads

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Look twice

We are,
as a species,
a strange kettle of fish,
but having said that,
the phrase kettle of fish
is a very strange phrase.

Everything looked at twice,
has the veneer of inexplicable beingness.
A stone.
A lampshade.
It is no wonder people go mad
because there is a lack of forums
for people to just go ''
and come to absolutely no conclusions

We put labels on things - price tags, frames, theories, designs, names, boxes.
But really we are just cutting ourselves up and building traps.
Trees are indifferent to our opinions.
We trick ourselves that we enjoy compliments but actually,
we want to enjoy ACTION.

The sooner humanity embraces its strangeness.
The peculiar simplicity of the world and its particularities.
Of our desires and of our nature.

Always looking twice - first with educated eyes, evaluating eyes.
Secondly with the eyes of a cat.
The eyes of a mystic.
The eyes of an infant.
The sooner we do that,
the sooner the fun will really begin.

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