Shining threads

Shining threads

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Magic is multiple

Fairy tales teach us there is a wicked witch or sorcerer, attempting to destroy our lives through magical spells which trap us in delusion or despair but what they do not say, is that magic is multiple, fragmented amongst a million players, all casting spells on one another.

Theologians talk about 'the banality of evil' but truly, no adjective can summarise the nature of the assorted magicians ranging through these realms. Some spells paint themselves as so good it is  hard to spot what they deny and some that seem horrible, may be our greatest deliverers.

Taste as many wines as you like. Weigh up every stone offered and see if it is of value to you.

Pay particular attention to what most people exclude and decide for yourself.

The greatest spell ever unleashed on the world is the idea that other people know better than you - attempting to paly on your potential for doubt, confusion, subservience, repression and enslavement to externalities.

Pay attention to your own instincts and ideas. They exist for a reason.

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