Shining threads

Shining threads

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Melting poles

If we keep burning oil, petrol, methane and so on,
the greenhouse effect of accumulated atmospheric gases
will multiply surface temperatures of the earth,
continuing to melt the ice-caps at either pole,
revealing yet more oil reserves to be burnt
which will in turn exacerbate the issue.

The ice from the landmass will fill the seas,
raising ocean-levels, reclaiming land
and the water will begin to acidify,
poisoning more life.

And the answer is not for all the nice people to take one flight a year
and limit their use of cars, because unfortunately,
the nice people are outnumbered by the ignorant, the despotic and the uncaring.

The answer is made of stronger stuff.

Being nice is at one pole of possibility.
Being nasty is at the other.
We need to melt the poles of personality to find the middle
and then act from there.

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