Shining threads

Shining threads

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Don't bite the dust

Don't bite the dust.

Even when the wind whips up a storm in the dust-bowl
and particles threaten to assail your being,
blind to all but loose grey matter,
keep your sights on the rainbow fruits,
the green-grass fields,
the lemon-shine sun
and the blue-shone sky.

Don't bite the dust
in a legal ceremony
or a lowered coffin
but turn around to other pathways
and let your feet rule the dirt,
making sometime prints and patterns
before you glimpse the dust annul your treads
in the rear-view mirror.

Others around you may succumb to a limited vision
which ends in dust,
believing in a wind-down universe
but move your spirit which wants to move
and keep the cells dancing
whichever way they like to go.

Don't bite the dust.
Keep walking.
Eat tasty things.
Brush off dead-skin, stray hairs and dandruff
onto the floor of existence
and keep walking,
resisting the lure of dusty dissolution.

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