Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Punk Disco

She danced all night at the Punk Disco,
where she pogoed and pranced and jumped around.
She used to be a hippie in San Francisco,
then burnt her flowers and listened to some new sounds.

The DJ plays it all at the Punk Disco,
with guitars and beats and drums and pianos.
He used to be a Deadhead in San Francisco,
then got bored of LSD and cast aside his woes.

The promoter wants you to come to the Punk Disco,
where kids get high and show off their crazy moves.
She used to put on 'happenings' in San Francisco,
then decided to make things happen with sharper grooves.

The doorman checks your coat at the Punk Disco,
for knives and bottles and drugs and other 'accessories'.
He used to be an 'Angel' in San Francisco,
then got with the programme and juicier fees.

The band comes on at nine at the Punk Disco,
with a set to blow yer mind and engage your feet.
They used to play psychedelic rock in San Francisco,
then threw away the 'FX' and created some real heat.

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