Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 20 May 2016


Departed. Started from.
Go to Mart.
Eat Tart.
Connect Heart.
Assemble Part.

Part of me crumbles.
This is okay.
Not a bad thing.
Ice-lips melt so fluids flow.
As they tend to do.
So the town is calling.
Alive now.
Always alive.

Part of me clings.
I don't want to sing.
I don't want to bring
my difference forward.

Aggression is a temptation.
To thrust what can be offered.
To dictate what can be said.

Compression can be virtuous.
Compact, neat and succinct.
Short has its advantages.
It can combine with length too.
I don't need to duck.
Though I stand on tip-toe too often.
How many people notice?
No-one has ever said.
No-one has ever said.

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