Shining threads

Shining threads

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Strip-tease of the psyche

They enact a strip-tease of layers of personality,
owning up to the masks that are worn,
until their naked selves are communicated.

In the Garden of Eden, there were no accumulations of cultural debris -
learnt behavior to hide the vulnerability and beauty of being.

We have locked away our softness - where all our potency bubbles up from.

Only those who know the preciousness of life are willing to take up arms to protect it.

The peacefulness of reconciliation comes at the price of a bonfire of illusions.

Naked we come into the world and if we are lucky and brave, we can die in the midst or our life, to be reborn, back to our true nature.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Apocalyse's mystic dance throws off the veils to announce...a new order of things.

Information is revealed - inner/outer - the seals are opening and the beatific vision emerges.

At the low-point of the imagination's unfolding, metal tanks and planes fire hatred through the air and the earth's surface is charred. The involutive forces of industry play their metal symphony across the board of life.

Coverings are stripped back so hidden angels and hoarding demons come to view.

Plates of image are littered through the world, bearers of possibility line the galleries and the assorted faces of people each tell their story, worn into the lines of their skin.

Now the divine fire of consciousness descends and lights up the souls of humanity - interpretation is the dividing rod that separates us through the contents of our psyches.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Being contains doing and doing contains trying and trying contains dreaming and dreaming contains yearning and yearning contains despairing and despairing contains non-being.

Helping projects need onto others but sustains itself in that projection.

Sometimes helping steps up into doing.

Sometimes dreaming steps up into manifesting.

Sometimes actuality disintegrates into potential.

Sometimes potential evolves. Sometimes potential is carried latently, with occasional flourishes of manifestation.

Dream shouts loud in some saying 'I am alive. I have broken through. I have claimed my space in this shared story. The script has been altered by the immensity of a new possibility, taking it to a more satisfying level.'

Dream spirals around between people, both collective and personal. Everyone grabs a few threads of its fabric and weave their own lives into its pattern.

Dream knows reality and wants more. Reality knows dream and wonders if it is possible.

Only the courageous make a marriage between the two. You can smell them a mile off.

Waves of circumstance

Einstein relaxes on the beach, chatting with Marilyn Monroe.

The icons of their faces lit by the radiance of the sun.

Einstein pulls a bunch of flowers out of his hat and offers them to Marilyn.

She accepts, smiling and faintly blushing.

He rides the waves of circumstance and they retire to his beach hut - where science and film history meet and make music to fill the limitless sky.

New equations are dreamt up that night but Einstein lets them flit in and out of his consciousness - without trying to capture them on paper. Solving the mysteries of the universe play second fiddle to what he is enjoying at hand.