Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Existential Terror

Underneath the cupcakes,
Facebook updates,
Tweets and tweaks,
agendas and amendments
lies Existential Terror.
The Nightmare in the Mirror.

We push,
I push,
you push,
binary push
and also Tiger Tiger burning bright
sleep tight
as you speak out loud dream images
which are locked away by

too many social habits

yet spacetime IS dream.

Embrace the Existential Terror
which is fear of contact,
fear of contract
juxtaposed by fear of solitude
and touch, melt, join and expand.

The Stunning New Year's Resolution

Are you going to let the glory go to the Tories?
Are you going to let your rage be contained in a cage?
Are you going to let the TTP/TTIP fly-tip your future
into a corporate-dominated State,
set to annihilate
all those dimensions
untethered to its fate.

Are you going to let Cameron
keep sucking off the pigs of Saudi Arabia?
A c(o)untry where they still allow
mutilation of young girls' labias?

What are you waiting for? Some kind of Saviour?
There's no Second Coming. JC's left it to us.
So between you and me, we've got to suss.
The way-forward.
The win-wins. The King-pins.
The Fat Lady Sings when we say: This is It.

nb: still relevant in July 2017 and can be updated to Theresa May (though as someone pointed out, JC could refer to Jeremy Corbyn, though it doesn't). And it may be theologically incorrect.