Shining threads

Shining threads

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How two oscillate

Many moons ago, a mystic madman sat down
to count the number of waterdrops cycling
between sky, rivers and seas.

He walked a thousand pathways
and seeing the world's waters
from many different angles
and time-frames,
one afternoon,
he was sat on a riverbank,
watching the insistent rain
pummel the water's surface,
when he saw a single drop


suspended from his hat.

Entranced by its pregnant pause
in movement,
its presence sucked him
into an archetypal realm
of water
the molecular structure
of two hydrogen atoms
and one oxygen
were displayed
in virgin wonder.

Forever spelling
the rules of the game,
he realised all water was
stamped with this signature of fusion.

Every drop emanated from its elegant entanglement.

The fool lost his quest
and became a wise evangelist
of the answer,
which was everywhere and without quantity.

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