Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 27 January 2012

Mercy, all mercy.

I see the heavens opening and mercy pouring out onto the streets.

A thousand dreams coalesce and impress their energies on the contours of skin, fulfilling the promises of people everywhere.

At last the vision becomes visible.

Feuds melt away. They are dancing outside the clubs, on the streets. People breaking bread together. The movement is upon us.

Everywhere people exchange seeds. Seeds of beauty. Seeds of courage. Seeds of tenderness. No more shooting. These seeds sprout shoots which give birth to flowers.

Say it, say it, no longer under your breath, no longer as a half-whispered embarrassment. Speak your truth and let it inhabit the fresh open air, which was meant to carry wisdom, not lies.

A fissure is made down the side of the office block and untapped potential seeps out of the place.

I see alien craft descend with great delight as the conditions on earth become amenable to a full disclosure of the gifts they bear for humanity.

This is the second and the third and the fourth and an unending coming. Coming together, always beginning yet unfinished, wet with anticipation and smiling with satisfaction.

Mercy, all mercy. The best win yet grace gives the prizes and the bounty is shared.

Friday, 13 January 2012


Light bends to be in all places simultaneously.

Lighter now and softer now the surface re-arranges according to the designs of the depths.

Lighten up the place with an entrance that lifts the vibration of the room.

Lightning strikes in a series of successions - cracks in the darkness making the electric atmosphere visible.

Light is light is light and no-one knows why or how or where or when but only this.