Shining threads

Shining threads

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Eyes spy with my little eye.
An object beginning with the letter 'X'.

X marks the spot,
between my eyes.

There is only one 'I' in the alphabet.
But a dictionary has countless eyes.
Words staring at us from without,
wanting to get in.
To join our set of options.

Eyes are curious - pupils of reality.

Drinking deep from the well of experience.

Future islands

We are in the trees.
We are the wind and birds and rain.
The vast astonishment created and crafted,
with song and sounds and laughter.

We inhabit future islands.
Places we cannot see yet.
We've been there for a long time.
And yet, we move invisible and resist labels.

The chatter of Babel.
The linearity/normal/conform/crush/enslave.
The command control concentration centre.
These Nazis all around us - pretending they are good.

We've left the wood. It was a false construct.
We are in the trees.
Open up your imagination and you'll see.
The Everything is all around
and yet it's hard to perceive,
when attention is focused on
mind-problems made manifest
in society's attitudes
which conspire to make each other less.

We inhabit future islands.
We are in the trees.
We are in infinite sands
We are in endless seeds.