Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 5 April 2013


Unravelling at the dreams.
Fabric patches thrown all over the place.
Society's divides look at each other.
Archetypes stand as staging posts along the way.
Know the bottom and the top.
Seas and castles.
Kings and rascals.

Feel silence.
Let the wind blow through you
and embrace the cold.
Be the sun.
The eternal summer shining through all seasons.
Let go of dreams and dive in.
Make a splash that waters the budding shoots
poking up from fertile and not so fertile soils.

Walk out.
Weave your own pattern.
Divorce your doubt.
Say no to the golden handshake
and offer your soul to the All.

Fall from traps of ideals
and seal your lips
from tonguing foolish words.
Let truth seep out
eyes wide open.
Feel whatever is.

See everything,
processions of events,
dancing a dance
that responds to your steps
to varying degrees.
Grab another dancer
and touch a slice of the universe
for a while.


Nothing's forever
and on it goes.