Shining threads

Shining threads

Sunday, 27 March 2011

A testament to seeing with new eyes

The Kingdom of Heaven is a flock of birds spiraling over the market place.

Blessed be the peacemakers - those who synthesise warring opposites, for they shall be whole.

Peace is not the promise but a sword of discrimination to cut away falsehood and corruption.

Love your partner, your friend, your family, your neighbour, your compatriot, your alien and your enemy - each in a way appropriate to them.

What you do not bring forth, in creative acts and bold projects and fruitful relationships and manifested dreams and travelled journeys, will destroy you.

Turn the other cheek, not out of meekness, but out of a strength that is higher than brute force and will shame the aggressor.

Do not worry - it never added a dime to the quality of your consciousness but think clearly and with good reasoning.

Don't be concerned about what to eat or wear but travel a way and meet your requirements along the road. Sometimes they will be given, sometimes you will purchase or request. But don't worry, whatever you do.

Where your heart is, there you will find great treasures, in balancing your brain with your sexuality and opening into a relational space.

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