Shining threads

Shining threads

Sunday, 27 November 2011

How long?

How long?

How long is your desire?

The length of your yearning?

The strength of the burning of your soul's agenda.

The splendour which is caught up, the thunder that got boxed, your treasures which got plundered and buried by the events of our containment.

Now is the time for a rupture in business as normal. Now is the time for a rapture that lifts up the hungry, aching to be fed with the bread of satisfaction.

The actions that we take, the art-forms that we make, the dive into the lake of the world-soul, from the precipice of our crumbling society.

Each step takes us closer to the edge that spells the end of the known and rebirth into immense possibility.

The way I see the future is a ride into unimagined terrains of creative endeavour.

Having passed through the portal of paradise, all the nightmares of history will seem like the first stutterings of a film-reel, irrelevant flickers before the fire ignites and the Divine Imagination is set ablaze.

The end of the world is the Garden of Eden: Redux.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Raise up

Raise up the Body of Christ - a self-selected collection of souls from humanity in an new, enspirited, empowered network of lovers, creators, carers, dancers, wizards and free people.

We are bigger than any system of oppression or institution which stands in our way.

We are the resurrection, we were meant to stand tall on this fertile earth and be bold, be free and dare to be all that we can be.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Against and through to be free

I am the archer and the arrow and the bow.
I have my sights set on a target in the distance but first I need to overcome and clear what stands between me and it.
My potential tautens and I spot the blocks which will need to be transformed or flattened by the momentum of my motion.

All those dominators who want to impose their will onto me.
All systems of oppression which subvert the stream of life into putrid waters.
All energy-thiefs and complainers who want to dampen down the fountain of brilliance.
All ideologues, partisan spokesmen and half-baked revolutionaries who build prisons of vision to block my panoramic view.
All liars and cheaters, game-players and power-seekers, who try to control the dance of energy.
All promisers and apologists, those who don't listen and can't learn.
All drags and pathological sceptics, pessimists and doubters.

There comes a time when another no means never so don't wait until it's too late. All nice people and polite people and aggressors and taunters - you've each a side of a coin I'm tired of flipping. Time to transcend the duality.

Tuning my thoughts and feelings to my sense perceptions, I become a distinct and responsive agent of life.