Shining threads

Shining threads

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The decision tree of life

Sprouting from personal roots
reaching down into unknown soil,
we emerge into
a decision tree of networked possibilities,
pathways bifurcating and interweaving,
as we plot our way.

Sometimes sure,
sometimes fraught with burning anxiety,
as splits in our path open up
chasms of uncertainty
and we teeter between worlds.

Each door calling us with
a kind invitation
or urgent beckoning
to join
disappearing into infinite landscapes,
canvasses waiting to be painted,
happy to be stroked
by the brushes of our lives.

Friday, 11 May 2012

The unknown

Welcome to the unknown.

This is not something you have dreamt of.
This is not what you hoped for.
This is not the future you ordered.

This is where the road ends.

This is where the tracks of your life fade and you start to slide on faith.

The unknown is not something that can be controlled.
Or second-guessed.

Don't try to escape because there is nowhere to go.

Nothing to do.

And nobody to do it with.

The unknown is freedom.

Freedom from all illusions.

The unknown cannot be known because there is nothing to know.

Everything from now on in is pure grace.



When two people cluster,
with all the love they can muster,
into that strange state we call marriage,
then we can see,
that to commit is to be free,
and they sail away in their marital carriage.

We wish them well,
and hope they will tell
of all the wonders on their way.
And if they should need
a good friend in deed,
then all they should do is say.

To be together is fine
but to be wed is divine
and their souls journey as one.
The road ahead is winding
and their vows are binding
for each others' hearts they have won.

(written to order for a wedding of friends of a friend)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day 8 of poor weather

The sky,
the view,
the many watch the few watch the many
and still the clouds are all we can see.

The sun has been hiding for days,
locked away behind veils of dismal weather,
whilst the human drama continues
in all its glorious, loving, hateful exchange.

Every moment is a dress rehearsal
and every moment is the final show.
Teetering between now and not yet,
we waver,
the great Forward entices us with glimpses of wonder,
as we continue programming for ultimate bliss.

The sky, the view, the city, unsacralised from above,
but we adore and endure each other regardless,
until the sun,
our One,
is made visible again by clearing of greyness
to make way for full illumination.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sensory Zen Story

The senses of the Sensei feed on data-bliss.

Rainbow streams whirl in kaleidoscopic ways.

Each god a petal in the flower of existence, intermingling fragrantly. 

Every relative frequency exists simultaneously yet differently

                           in 1 Giant Coincidence.

This is a sensory Zen Story,
which has been going on for endless centuries,
in which we write the script, weave the fabric
and use our response-ability to chart our course.

Let our ships sail into unknown waters,
docking onto dream-shores.
And let our sails catch the winds
and our hulls be tickled by the waves

so we can fly into the         ocean-skies           of our most fabulous desires.