Shining threads

Shining threads

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Snake of reality

One continuous stream of information, circling and spiraling, in a never-ending circuit of energy, dancing, weaving and cascading - lives, forms, expressions flashing on and off - mutating masks of the snake of reality....

It will take

It will

It will take

take take take

TAKE every ounce of your energy.

It will take

It will take


you have got.

Settle for nothing less.

Monday, 21 February 2011

A new world

Innovate to be inheritors of a new world. Don't get caught up in the shadows but encourage those pecking to break open their shells. The future is about networks of free association. We're already there in many ways, but the hangover of the past is still clinging to some of us. Step into the verdant light of the garden - we never truly left except in thought.

All the political factions represent different gods - blend all the values together and rise above them. Stay at the level of the gods and you'll never stop squabbling.

The summit of consciousness is an indivisible unity, beyond the many-coloured splendour of the imagination. At the depths of consciousness is conflict and despair. Our political system is based on splintered factions fighting over very relative systems of governance, in the shadow of a financial elite who spin the notion of money out of thin air, fool most people, and position themselves as the winners of their game. What to do? Live lightly, bake bread, make music, tell jokes, make love and spread it as far as it will go. Transcend notions of law and property and get as high as you can.

All dimensions

The stones sat, unattended in the jewelery box, hidden from the hungry eyes of glamour, glittering with lust for material form.

She walked away and laid on the verdant cover of the earth, hearing its beat, as a tribe of cows fed themselves from its gratuitous offerings.

The air was alive with thoughts and ideas and as she arose, one implanted itself in her right brain. A vision unfolded of a realm of light and peace, which she knew she could manifest amongst her community.

She offered thanks to the highest heaven - the source of wonder and all that is, was and ever will be.

Now she strode forth, to sell the stones in the jewelery box and spread the wealth across the land.

The Big Society

The big society - a nation where obesity is celebrated and there is no shyness about size.

The dig society - a nation where we turn to our allotments and gardens and create an Eden in these fair isles.

The wig society - a nation where the recession of hairlines and baldness is not tolerated and we address the serious nature of these changes with a wide selection of hairpieces to adorn our heads.

The fig society - a nation where the fruit, both in its normal and dried form, is made a centre-piece of our gastronomic lives and reclaimed from its rather marginal status.

The cig society - a nation where cigarettes, cigars and roll-ups are smoked with a sense of reverence and acknowledgment that in the process we are in a state of divine communion with the vegetable realm.

The pig society - a nation which celebrates the humble sow in all its glorious manifestations - bacon, ham, spam, parma, serrano, gammon.

The twig society - a nation which does not leave behind the twigs amongst us, but cherishes those smaller and weaker than the rest, who may still be bearers of vital gifts.

The jig society - a nation which knows that dance is the best metaphor for life and is not afraid to show its stuff on the disco floor.

The nig society - a nation where niggles and wavering is given a sacred space in our collective psyche - a recognition that we are not always 100% sure of things and sometimes a bit of time spent dilly-dallying is healthy and useful.

The gig society - a nation where the clubbers and ravers get down from their podiums, put away their turn-tables and return to the old-fashioned concept of the live concert.

So let's press on with the re-invention of this tired and battered society, under the direction of our glorious leader, to give birth to a New Jerusalem in these green and pleasant lands. Never give up your mental fight!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Apple mountain

She sat on a mountain of apple cores - a life-time's accumulated waste supported her existence.

'Don't look down.' Cried the voices from above.

'Look down.' Cried the voices from below.

She'd spent her life climbing so she decided it was time for a change.

She started to arrange the cores into a more leveled pile, which would accomodate more people on its flattened top.

Someone asked why the apple cores hadn't become rotten.

'It's because I believe in them and breathe into them.' She smiled.

She was happy now she had company, having resculpted the landscape.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

What is the word?

What is The Word?

The amalgamation of all the laws of the universe - ranging along the spectrum from physical to divine.

The Logos - the ultimate pattern which includes all patterns.

The second person of the Trinity.



Love and wisdom combined.

Wordlessness. Ineffable. Beyond definition - all definitions combined into a meta-definition.




Oneness. Spiritual oneness. God, the great hippy!

The punchline to end all punchlines.






The game

There are many games.

He plays 'The Game' but it is just one of many.

The player knows the lines to win, the timing to achieve his goal and how to spend his winnings.

Children are indoctrinated from birth into a particular cultural game. The game of life/Monopoly/being the best/the oppression of women/how to ignore 99% of humanity/my cultural trappings are better than yours/and so on.

The contours of the game you play become the contours of your soul and it is hard to step out. It is hard to see the wider context in which your game functions.

It is hard to see the rules are human constructions and there is a higher order.

Every stage demonises the one above. Until that time that they become disillusioned with where they are at and start to glimpse the possibility of moving on.

The man of sorrows played to lose.

This confuses those souls who know only the triumph of temporal victory.

The players raise the stakes.

Those who have mastered the game, should make space, rather than continue to cream off the winnings from souls in education.

There is always a higher game.

Until you get swallowed by the meta-gamemaster, who you were all along.

Then every player becomes you, in a cosmic swirl of winner and loser, until you are lost in the meaningless of your definitions, and the pieces are swept off the board of fixed positions, to dance on the ground of being.

Reality is up for grabs.

Those who awaken know it.

What you create, what you manifest with that knowledge, defines your destiny.

Choose your game carefully.

And play well.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Generous error

She spent her days in generous error, enjoying the latitude of grace
and luxuriating in the elongated shade that the tree's form cast.

Every indulgence was lapped up with a forgiving sweetness
and the rest was forgotten with a sense of cleansing.

The scented soaps of her soul, the warm bath waters of life in which she lulled,
and the perfumed candles which glowed hungry flames in the flattering darkness of the bathroom - all this added up to contribute to the broad context in which she erred.